GST: 6 Things That May Become Expensive

National Economic Policy, 1991, is all set to come into effect in India. It is the largest taxation change which will result in a uniform economy turning all the taxes on goods and services into a unit. Goods and Services Tax bill is just about to be implemented in India.

Here is the list of things which will become expensive because of the huge change:

1. Telephone Bills

After the implementation of the act, you should avoid making unnecessary phone calls as it can cost you more than usual.

2. Hiring Cabs

Cab fares will increase. Big news for those who rely on Uber and OLA regularly.

3. Cigarettes

The rates of cigarettes increase every year. It will increase even higher because of the GST bill.

4. Eating Out

If you usually eat out, be ready to spend more at restaurants and cafes. The change will result in an increase in service tax.

5. Beauty Parlor

Although nowadays most women try to stay natural there are some who love to spend time in the parlor. If you regularly need the help makeup experts, it will take a toll on your wallets.

6. Air Travel

Traveling around the world is a good thought. However, there will be an increase in airfare.

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